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Yes, we have surplus coolers and freezers for sale!

Call the office for availability

Our rental fleet of cooler and freezer refrigeration trailers keeps getting bigger. Annually, we keep investing by building (custom-built in-house to our exacting requirements) new cooler and freezer trailers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the rental of our products.

We also have a fleet renewal program through which we regularly put older trailers for sale, largely because of aesthetic/cosmetic reasons.  We currently have availability for the following used units for sale:

  • 6×6 coolers/freezers. These units can be set by a thermostat as either a cooler or a freezer, but not both at the same time.
  • 6×12 coolers
  • 6×6 keg cooler for events. Keg equipment can be easily removed (and later re-installed, if desired) and the unit can act as an ordinary cooler.

We do not offer any new units for sale – we custom build in-house only for our own needs.

Product specifications of these units are the same as any other similar unit in our rental fleet.  Please refer to product descriptions found in other pages of this website for applicable product specifications.

If acquiring any of these cooler and freezer refrigeration trailers interests you, please contact the office either by phone or by e-mail.

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